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Can you easily put the bracelets on/take them off?

Absolutely! We use our own special blended and temper treated Yellow Copper that is incredibly resilient to bending. No more hard to use clasps, just adjust it until it fits and you can easily put it on and take it off on your own.

Can you Shower with this bracelet on?

A large part of the bracelet is covered in cleaned, conditioned, and polished leather. While this does make the bracelets water resistant, they are not water proof. Think of it like a leather jacket. You probably could wear it in the shower a few times without hurting it, but I wouldn't recommend it. You shouldn't have any issues washing your hands or the like while wearing them.

Can you make them larger/smaller?

Absolutely. We designed these bracelets with the Flex Core specifically so you can adjust it to your wrist no matter the size. If the regular size is too small for your wrist, the Large is longer and made to adjust to larger wrists. If you're worried about it fitting a child's wrist we recommend taking the regular size and overlapping the ends.

Does it need to be cleaned at times, if so how?

Because the metals we use are 100% Pure Copper and White Copper, they do not often need to be cleaned. Copper will develop a patina if exposed to water or humidity in large enough quantities. While many people prefer the way copper looks after developing a patina, you can easily clean the metal designs on the top with a standard jewelry polishing cloth to keep them as shiny as the day you got them.

Is this appropriate as a gift?

Of course! Part of the reason we designed these with as much flexibility as they have is to make it so if you give them as a gift you know it will fit the person you're getting it for.

Are these for Men or Women?

These bracelets were made for everyone. We wanted to design bracelets that Men could wear and feel comfortable in, and because of the multi tones in the metal and the leather it goes with almost anything and with how easy they are to adjust Women also adore them.

Is there a possibility of this bracelet breaking by opening it too far or taking it on and off?

Because of the Flex Core in the center of the bracelet, it is extremely unlikely that you will break it unless you are trying to. That isn't to say it's impossible! Of the tens of thousands we've sold, we've only ever had one bracelet break(My personal bracelet that I would use to demonstrate at art shows. After about 5 years of constantly bending mine did snap)

Are these bracelets 100% Copper?

We use a few different metals in these bracelets, with the most prominent metal being 100% Pure Copper. We also use White Copper as an accent, which is about 65% pure and our Flex Core is a Yellow Copper mix about 80% pure.

I bought one for my husband and ordered too small, can I exchange it?

Absolutely, just email us at and let us know you'd like to exchange the product and for what. When we receive the returned item we will ship out the exchange. To expedite the process you can place a separate order for the bracelet and we'll refund you for your first purchase when we receive it.

I don't know my wrist size, can you help?

While we're working on a downloadable help guide, just know that the starting size for the Regular bracelets are 7 inches long and the Large bracelets are 7 1/4 inches long to start. each can be adjusted quite a bit from this point however.

What are the Healing Benefits of Copper?

Copper has been linked to numerous health benefits as it interacts with our body as a trace mineral. Like most metals, it absorbs more easily through the skin than through the digestion process(but you can find copper in your daily vitamins usually). Copper is an essential part of forming red blood cells, healthy bones and nerves, and helps with iron absorption. In several studies copper has also been purported to help as an Anti-inflammatory(Which is why many people claim copper helps with Arthritis/Carpal Tunnel/Tennis Elbow.) and help with Cardiovascular health, and helps preserve collagen and prevent osteoporosis.

Will this turn my wrist green?

Most likely, as 100% Pure Copper will turn everything green. This is actually a good thing, as it means the copper is interacting and absorbing. It is important to note that your skin turning green isn't an allergic reaction or harmful at all. In fact, washing your wrist with soap and water will completely remove it. Usually this happens more in environments with very high humidity or if the individual maintains a high acid diet. If you aren't wearing the bracelets specifically for health reasons, you can always put a thin layer of clear nail polish or a lacquer on the parts that interact with your skin, as this will prevent the oxidization process entirely.

Can I wear bracelets on each wrist/with a watch?

Absolutely! They were made to be worn with other jewelry or even to stack multiple bracelets together. Plus the multitone nature of the different colored coppers we use are made to pair either with themselves or whatever jewelry you wish.

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